Our Mission

To promote recovery from the effects of substance use and mental health disorders and other health issues.

SBH Highlights

  • Helped 5441 people begin a life of recovery in the last year.

  • The historic Harriet May Mills House serves as our women’s community residence. (http://harrietmaymills.org/)

  • Learn more about our complete continuum of care. (SBH SERVICES GRID)

Inpatient & Outpatient Facilities

  • Providing a structured living environment for people who have completed inpatient rehabilitation services and remain in need of a structured living environment while receiving outpatient treatment services.

  • Providing a wide variety of enhanced outpatient treatment and education services for substance use disorders, mental health diagnosis, and problem gambling.

  • Providing intensive programs for people who need to begin their recovery within a highly structured, supportive environment, staffed with medical and counseling professionals.

Meet The Team