Jeremy Klemanski Barbara Frappier
Jeremy Klemanski
President and C.E.O.
Barbara Frappier
Chief Financial Officer
                                          Lickstein Connie L_Mancini kathleen
Connie Lickstein
Chief Legal & Compliance Officer
Lisa Mancini
Chief Clinical Officer
Kathleen Gaffney-Babb
Chief Development Officer
Erica Rubiconti Nathan Rauscher L_Arlotta
Erica Rubiconti
Executive Assistant
Nathan Rauscher
Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance
Lauren Klemanski
Marketing Director
Bill Ruckyj Rebecca Dishaw Colette Thompson
Bill Ruckyj
Operations Director
Rebecca Dishaw
Human Resources Director
Colette Thompson
HR Specialist
Amy Doran Wood.Ronald Jones_Ashley
Amy Doran
HR Specialist
Ronald Wood
Development Director
Ashley Jones
Resource Development Specialist
Richard Thomson Lisa Nurnberger Vanderwater Peggy
Richard Thomson
Contracts Director
Lisa Nurnberger
Finance Director
Peggy Van Der Water
Finance Specialist
                                            Bridget Royal Williams.Chris  Jaime Stephenson
Bridget Royal
Contract & Finance Specialist
Chris Williams
 Jaime Stephenson
H.I.T. System Administrator
 Samantha Park
Samantha Park
Marketing Specialist
  • About SBH

    In the past year, SBH helped 5544 individuals struggling with drug or alcohol substance use disorders. A complete continuum of care from Inpatient to outpatient rehabilitation, to residential rehab services
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    SBH services include withdrawal and stabilization services, inpatient rehabilitation & detoxification, outpatient clinic services, community residences, permanent housing and more..
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    Are you, or someone you love, struggling with drugs, alcohol, gambling or other behavioral disorders? Start a life of recovery. Make an appointment or refer your loved one today.

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